Keeping it Simple – Can More Information Lead To Worse Investment Decisions

It’s a constant battle to keep things simple and stay with a routine.

Family, friends, communication tools, partners, diet, fitness…that’s not counting trying to make a living.

The work part of my life is a constant battle with information overload.

My wise friend in London JP said (and I quote it often). ..’There is no such think as information overload, only filter failure‘.

It is my go to ‘serenity now‘ mantra when it comes to investing.

A huge part of my job as an investor is to create, hone and honor my filters.

I loved this post titled ‘Can More Information Lead To Worse Investment Decisions‘. This stuck with me:

Increased information increases confidence but not necessarily the accuracy of the outcome.

Try going back to some simple filters when it feels like you are overcome with information overload.

You may not make more money but in the end time is your most valuable currency.