Keeping It Simple

I forgot how tough the long flights west are from Tel Aviv.

This morning my joints are aching.

Yesterday, on the flight home I watched Ridley Scott’s ‘House of Gucci’. I thought it was excellent and that Lady Gaga was fantastic.

I tweeted that from 30,000 feet and was movie shamed by many including my friend Fred Wilson who thought it was terrible.

I also watched the first four episodes of the ‘WeWork’ drama on Apple TV called ‘WeCrashed’. At the risk of being shamed, I also think it is excellent.


Fred recently wrote a post about his investing style titled ‘Keep it Simple‘ that really hit close to home.

The gist…

Aha moments come around every so often and you just need to let them grab you and take you to a foundational investment. You don’t need to do much due diligence on these. I did none on Twitter, Coinbase, or Dapper. What I did do is use the products, get in the game, feel the power, and get conviction.

Make sure you read it.

Have a great weekend.