Kelvin Beachum Jr, Offensive Lineman for the Arizona Cardinals & 2022 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee, on Investing, Leveraging your Network, and Parenting with Intention

Panic with Friends – Investing for Profit and Joy


I am very excited to have Kelvin back on my podcast, this time in person. Most important I got him to say the ‘secret words’ …multiple hottubs.

Kelvin is a great guy with an awesome sense of humor who refuses to arm wrestle me. We have golfed and it cost me $45,000 in golf balls.

Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost to the Rams in the playoffs this week.

It is Arizona Cardinal Kelvin Beachum Jr’s second appearance on Panic with Friends, but he also holds the distinction of being the first in-person guest in our brand new studio! Kelvin is now in his 10th season in the NFL, and he’s an investor at heart. He caught the bug early in his NFL career from teammates; there were many locker room conversations on traditional investing, real estate, and of late, even NFTs. He’s into startups too, always looking for what’s new and innovative. Basically what’s next, whether that’s crypto, web3, or the metaverse. Kelvin continues to build an incredible network in the venture capital world. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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Guest: Kelvin Beachum, Jr.

Profile: Offensive tackle for the Arizona Cardinals

Where to Find HimOfficial WebsiteTwitter

Kelvin Konnects, is a STEAM initiative designed to increase minority access to careers within the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics disciplines. If you want to learn more, check out the “Works” section of his website.

What’s Kelvin Panicked About?: My wife heading in to Med School.

Previous Appearance:

Kelvin Beachum Joins Me On ‘Panic With Friends’ and We Talk Investing and Life as an NFL Player During a Pandemic (October, 2020)

The Takeaway:

The career span of an NFL lineman is two to maybe two and half years. Kelvin’s already beat those odds. He’s in his tenth season with the NFL. He’s in his second year with the Arizona Cardinals and spent four years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, one with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and three with the NY Jets. He’s caught the investing bug, and has been at it for a couple of years now. As he spends more time in the industry, he continues to build relationships. Even though he plays sports, he’s not the guy you want to send those deals to. He’s been looking at fintech, financial services and enterprise technology; he sees a tailwind in data, particularly now as more athletes are owning their own data. Fans are eager to consume this data when it comes to Fantasy Leagues and Sports Betting. He’s also taking a look at design and collaboration software. Emerging from the pandemic has us gravitating towards a remote work environment. Today’s workforce is about how fast things are moving and how collaborative things need to be moving forward.

Show Notes:

  • (1:56) – Introduction to Kelvin
  • (4:26) – Best locker room in the NFL
  • (8:55) – Information overload / Filter failure
  • (10:04) – Joe Montana leverages the Valley
  • (13:53) – Watching your favorite quarterback
  • (15:39) – Let’s talk about investing
  • (17:26) – When the deal flow is on a roll
  • (21:02) – The importance of relationships
  • (24:20) – Being “leveraged” from all points on the planet
  • (25:12) – Looking over the shoulders of digital natives
  • (27:46) – As a parent we just have to be intentional with whatever we do
  • (29:29) – Let’s don’t bring up golf dude!
  • (31:33) – Career longevity
  • (35:04) – Everybody’s punching up because that’s how social works
  • (36:16) – Sleep is fitness
  • (48:15) – Closing thoughts