Kelvin Beachum Joins Me On ‘Panic With Friends’ and We Talk Investing and Life as an NFL Player During a Pandemic

I was introduced to Kelvin Beachum by Ryan Nece because we were b0th investors living in Phoenix. It just turns out that Kelvin and Ryan are also NFL football players (Kelvin is playing for the Cardinals this year…Ryan is retired and investing full time).

I have interviewed Kelvin at our yearly LP palooza and we talk investing on our hikes in Phoenix. Kelvin has some great stories and a sharp eye for investing. He has built an incredible network in the venture capital world which I believe is the key. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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Guest: Kelvin Beachum

Profile: Offensive tackle for the Arizona Cardinals

Where to Find Him: Official Website, Twitter

Fun Fact: Kelvin is an incredible advocate for those in his community, working to bridge the opportunity gap for minority students. In April 2016, he launched Kelvin Konnects, a STEAM initiative designed to increase minority access to careers within the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics disciplines. If you want to learn more about the different community programs Kelvin is involved in, check out the “Works” section of his website.

What’s the Panic About:

On this episode of the podcast, I got to talk to Kelvin Beachum — the only football player I really know. But Kelvin is more than just an offensive tackle who can protect his quarterback. Off the field, he’s a great husband, father, and investor. So it was great getting his insights on football, investing, and how these two intersect in his life. In this episode, we talked about the pressures of the sports, his family and how they’re adjusting to 2020’s new normal, what got him started in investing, the tech sector, ETFs, and why more players need to start having open conversations privately and publicly about finance and investing. Kelvin is just a kind, personable, and smart guy. I really enjoyed our conversation and hope my listeners will too!

The Takeaway:

Investing is kind of like sports (and luckily Kelvin excels in both these disciplines). You have to be strategic and committed, understand the psychology behind it, surround yourself with a good team you trust, take advantage of resources, and leverage your tools. And if you really want to stand out, you have to be willing to change the game a bit.

Favorite Quotes:

“At some point you have to take the initiative to do right by your money.”

“Even though I’ve been on an investing journey, it’s been a journey that I feel is set up for way longer than football or even investing in companies. It’s turned into very valuable relationships.”

“I love playing with stuff that people are going to use at some point to solve massive problems.”

Food for Thought:

As a country, we do such a terrible job teaching people about money and finance in the home and schools. It is a universal language that every American student should start learning as early as possible.

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