Killer Vees…

I can’t believe it is already March.

It seems like just yesterday (December) we were in a bear market and we would all go down the tubes together and forever.

But…the S&P 500 turned on a dime after Christmas and has rocketed 18% higher in only 44 days.

Michael Batnick had a great post titled ‘Keller Vees‘ that puts this ‘V’ shaped rally into historical perspective.

This is the ninth time stocks have experienced a killer vee bottom since 1970. I refer to them as killer vees because they suck for everyone. It makes buy and hold investors sweat and it makes mincemeat of most tactical investors.

Months like December make me appreciate seed investing. Before anyone could flinch, the markets got back to ‘normal’.

I hope everyone has a killer ‘W’eekend.