Kiva is Amazing…$25 at a Time

CNBC has a great segment on Business Nation about .

Microfinance is just genius when used for good and I have written about it before many times. Think of it as a basket of CMO’s that go to good use :) .

Keep in the loop with Matt’s Kiva Blog . I have added it to my reading list.


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  2. greenskeptic says:

    Kiva is a very serious attempt to improve access to capital by the poor.

    Microfinance is still in its infancy as we know it and, yes, there are going to be abuses such as those described in the Business Week article above.

    However, the good far outweighs the bad. As I wrote on my blog The Green Skeptic: “I think it is safe to say that microfinance is a flawed system, but one of many effective, direct responses to help alleviate poverty. And it’s too soon to be tolling the death knell for what is more than just an economic movement, but a social one as well.”

    Here’s my complete take:

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