Kyle Samani, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Multicoin Capital, Joins Me on Panic with Friends to Discuss The Future Of Crypto (EP.150)

Today is the 150th episode of ‘Panic With Friends’ Podcast. Thanks to Knut for putting up with me all this time and my guests. I have learned so much. I have some great plans for the next 150 episodes and appreciate all the feedback from the community.


A few weeks ago I invited Kyle Samani back on the podcast (here is the first appearance just 8 months ago when Ethereum was $400) to talk about the momentum in crypto.

Luckily we talked about what could go wrong and sure enough we have seen a crash in the last few days.

Kyle does a great job breaking down his favorite technologies and use cases for crypto and I walked away with a much better understanding of the trends and inevitability of the technologies. I really enjoyed this conversation

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For more details on the episode and Kyle read on below…

Guest: Kyle Samani

Profile: Co-founder, Managing Partner of Multicoin Capital

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

What’s the Panic About:

For this episode, we are continuing to dive into crypto – a topic I’ve been fascinated by and discussing on the podcast for a while now. I’ve been astounded by the traction crypto has gotten, and there’s no better person to help give some context to what’s going on in this growing space than Kyle Samani. Kyle is co-founder and managing partner at Multicoin Capital, a firm that invests in all things crypto (including companies and tokens). I am a personal LP in his fund starting in 2017. His firm is continuing to see excellent growth, just recently raising their second fund. He also came on the podcast back in October to discuss the “Wild West” of crypto and express his optimism and concerns. A lot has changed just in those 8 months since his first appearance. This time around, we talked about how the crypto industry has evolved, what we can expect from crypto in the future, spotting trends, raising his second fund, decentralization and more.

The Takeaway:

The crypto industry is still so young, but its history is already being decided for decades. As Kyle puts it, we are going to see a lot of creative and innovative behavior – and a lot of bad behavior – over the next few years. But one thing is for sure: There’s a lot of momentum in the crypto industry.

Also, check out Multicoin’s blog if you’re looking for more thought leadership and insights on crypto.

Favorite Quote:

“Duration is a source of edge.”

“If you’re going to be a long-term fundamental-oriented investor in the space, you have to be playing both sides of the market.”

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