Lake Como and Tuscany … Where the VIX will Always Be 8

It’s that time of year again where Ellen and I take a break and head to Italy. 

On our way to Casetta in Tuscany (near Florence) this year we stopped in with our friends at Lake Como (where we have never been) at the magnificent Villa d’Esta. We had a fantastic meal on the water:

After lunch we made our way down to Tuscany where we will spend the next three weeks with friends. Back in 2010, Amy and Brad Feld invited us to stay with them at Casetta in Tuscany. It was one of the great vacations of our lives and we became very good friends with Xenia, the owner and operator of the estate. This year we are paying it forward with many friends of ours who will come to visit us over the next three weeks. 

This morning I’m off to golf and it’s a tad overcast:

 Have a great day everyone.