Last Chance To Sign Up For The 1st Annual Ping Pong Palooza!

We have 10 spots left so sign up!

Our Ping Pong Palooza event is taking place Saturday, September 13th at Wang Chen’s Table Tennis Club in NYC. We will be start the tournament at 3pm and continue the fun with an after party. Come join us for and win the right to the Dork Pong Cup. Wallstrip will be there covering the event. Food, drinks and location are being donated by Buddy Media. The top 5 all-time cereals will be in major supply – Alphabets, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, Captain Crunch and Apple Jacks. No one will be without a sugar high at LindzonPalooza EAST. Tons of prizes including the latest stuff from SpiritualGangster, Apple and more. Tournament will start at 3 PM. After party to follow at 7 PM. If you want to attend, please email and than don’t flake. The event is limited to 60 people max. All are welcome to the after party (secret location will be posted here the day of event). Go the Facebook page for more information. To RSVP, send me your email address.

Here is the Facebook sign up page .