Laughs and Giggles …Better than Any Vitamins.

I love to laugh.I need to giggle more.

Kids laugh 300 times a day. I grimace and pee 300 times a day and eat too loudly. The Atlantic says my tastes have changed. Whatever. Life is just as funny, but the grind to make a living puts you with too many people and corporations that really do suck.

My daughter Rachel is 17 and she will LOL at the drop of a hat. I hear her giggle all the time watching ‘The Office’ on Netflix or her new favorite shows ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Friends’. After 17 years of parenting I would say my favorite thing is hearing Rachel and Max lose it. I try and sit with her for an episode and while I smile she giggles uncontrollably.

Max is silly and will make me LOL but not as loose and free with his laughs. I likely try too hard to get a reaction out of him. As he matures, he knows what he likes so curates down to exactly what pleases him. He has this sense of style that makes him a leader but he’s too young to understand the power of it.

In the spirit of more LOL’s, I have dedicated the rest of the year to enjoy some hearty giggles and smiles. If I find them I will share them and please share them with me.

Half my tweets are written with the intention of making someone…anyone…on the receiving end smile or bust out laughing.

Today, this one got me to LOL on the plane:

Rachel would NEVER write this letter but would laugh really hard. Max would read it, share it and may likely use this in real life soon.

Let’s laugh a lot more in 2015. I think we may need it.


  1. REB says:

    If you want to lol, you need to watch Impractical Jokers on truTV. On demand it, you will laugh your ass off, I do every time.

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