Let's Create Our Own Market Bottom…the Financial Dead Pool

Back in August, Dealbreaker had a Blackstone death watch. It marked a bottom. I am nicely long now after today’s little buying binge and would like to create a bottom with this blog.

The signs are there. Even The FLY is bummed and bearish and has lost is whoopass attitude . Fleckenstein is getting his teeth whitened…again and his hair extensions bleached gray. It’s a Bear bonanza.

My good friend and uber smart hedgie trader ‘Gin Phil ‘ Pearlman inquired as to when his blog would start a financial dead pool. GREAT IDEA.

A couple problems…Firstly, no one is ADMITTING death (weasels will lie until it’s too late) so this needs to be an ‘ALMOST’ dead or ‘WE KNOW YOU ARE DEAD POOL’

Candidates include:

Countrywide (CFC)

Any Homebuilder

Bear Stearns

Fannie mae

Freddie Mac


Let me know who and or who is missing and who you thinks will be first in the POOL. F#@#ck these criminal organizations and the maggots that hae been steering them the last three years. Pathetic.


  1. Brian says:

    signs are there psychologically but not pricewise, i think the QQQQ neeeds to test 200 day ma near 4800 before we can see a potential turn, the trend is lower

  2. The Chad says:

    ETrade question for you… should I be packing up and moving funds to another broker? I’m under the FDIC and SIPC limits, but does that really protect me?

    Even if they go down, wouldn’t someone buy the ashes and keep my account intact?

  3. ToddinFL says:

    Hilarious commentary.

    Someone(s) is getting their head handed to them.

    Short term rally quite possibly at hand, but it might well be less than what the bulls need/expect.

    @ Chad: I would not suggest maintaining funds (any amount) at E Trade.

  4. Bruce says:

    Howie … this bottom will be like all other bottoms … lower

    try SPX 1150

    ready for that?

    coming to a theatre near you in 08

  5. Howard Lindzon says:

    Tim…you know I respect your work, but use your own blog to call fly names pls.

    BTW – I have given you plenty of links but I dont remember the recirocal nature from slope during my long bullish winning streak :)

    its called community

  6. Tim Knight says:

    C’mon, Howard – – with all this bear market talk, why not cite my own site instead of that clown Fly? We’re making money hand over fist at Slope!

  7. Phil says:

    i guess etfc…

    …just 18months ago these guys were called “paco’s online savings & loan”… and now they have a ton of bad debt

    i think they bite the boot….

    do i get a wallstrip tshirt if i win?

    can i get a tummy rub instead?


  8. Howard Lindzon says:

    on etrade – i just go with what phil says. its a clusterfuck for sure and that sucks, but its your money so you dont fool around. you shoot first and ask questions later.

    I hear options express is strong. but schwab cant be all bad. fidelity too.

  9. Howard Lindzon says:

    yes—fesspool. consider it changed.

    first member is already in…ACA. what a pig.

    trump may be second.

  10. bocagirl says:

    Etrade and CFC will be first in the pool.

    If anybody gets bailed out it will be FNM and FRE.

    Will I have to pay my mortgage back to CFC if it goes bankrupt ? :D

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