Life with an Ipad…Better!!! AND The Living Room is the biggest Myth of 2011 and Beyond.

There are two types of people….those with an Ipad and those without.

There are two types of analysts…useless and those that believe there is a battle for the living room.

There is NO living room…there is only the iPad.

The iPad has obviously caught even the most bullish $aapl lovers like me (and therefore my kid’s college accounts) by surprise. I never rushed out for an iPad, but I bought one. I rarely used/use it. I never rushed out for an iPad 2, but I did finally buy one.

Thank god.

The iPad with Verizon is impossible to put down and it’s priceless to me. The freaking magnetic cover is worth the price of an iPad.

I love my iPhone, my desktop Mac’s and my MacAir, but my iPad is getting all the love. Apple is catching the trifecta…phone, desktop and casual. The living room is a MYTH.

Apple is a locomotive. The haters, shortsellers and naysayers only add to the stock potential. I have no price targets. The stock CANNOT be valued.

The best guy at valuing it has been Asymco, not only because his numbers are the closest, but he has been dead right bulllish and solely focused on their financial and product performance.

For me, it remains about the momentum of the stores and distribution. Best products, smiles on faces, best distribution, TONS of growth possibilities and pricing power.

The Apple brand, while passing $goog as the most valuable, has done so on a ‘closed’ basis. I believe the whole term ‘open’ is a complete myth, but Apple is slowly and meticulously opening. Google is going in the opposite direction.

Now that I am using the iPad religiously, I can finally see the power it beholds for so many industries. The magazine is definitely a goner. TV (have you seen the price of $DIS and $CBS), is bigger than ever.

The disruption, creativity and secular growth about to be unleashed on the world is dizzying.

The iPad is not a question of need….every child SHOULD have an iPad.