LIFELOCK helps Lindsay find a date with a TRADER on Wallstrip

Lifelock (I am an investor) has had an incredible run in it’s short life. Most recently, they surpassed 50,000 (paying) customers. Working with Rush Limbaugh to spread the word has not hurt. More important though, they are today’s sponsor of Wallstrip :) .

The trend in identity theft is staggering (read the stories flashing on the Lifelock home page for starters). There is a tremendous amount of information on the net on how to deal with identity theft – ONCE IT HAPPENS TO YOU.

Lifelock was created to change things. At Lifelock, they:

1. Stop Junk Mail
2. Stop Credit Offers
3. and Stop Identity Theft – Guaranteed

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It was a fantastic job by everybody in New York. Special thanks to Shane for the general show idea.

The host of the show is one crazy dude – Fritz Donnelly

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PS – I knew Lindsay would go for the ‘Shhhhhwing Trader’