Liiiiiiiiiinnnnkkkkkkkssssss….AND Warren Buffett is WAY TOO Loved for the Moment

I have been lazy with links of late. Lot’s of good stuff out there.

Paul started a conversation on the possible oil bubble . What do you think?

I can’t believe that coaches are now making $6 million/year. That’s a bubble. That’s what the Knicks are offering Mike D’Antoni, a coach that has not taken a team to the NBA Finals. We live in obscene times. No wonder most politicians are raping the public…everyone else is. My son’s coach of back to back basketball championships is sports blogging . He is a successful local magazine publisher. His coaching pay….ZIP.

Abnormal returns is always a great place for financial links to good articles .

As much as Warren Buffet was out of style in 1999, he is way too IN STYLE now. Does he not have enough money to trim is ear and nose hair. Jeff Matthews made the trek to hear his speak .

Upside Trader is working hard to make you money .

So is The Trading Goddess .

WallStreetFighter is one of the best that I still check in often.

I am trying to use Facebook a little more but it is not happening, BUT I think it still has tremendous value because it is there when you need it. You get out what you put in. Nick covers all things Facebook and is always busting his blogging ass .

You can now ask Julie questions on Wallstrip’s website. You have always been able to ask me :) . I submitted two already.

Lucky for me I get to call Roger whenever I want to pick his brains. You may not have that luxury, but you can read him.

Adam is a friend and has a great blog . I check in all the time. He really dislikes Cramer.

I really like Harry Newton’s blog .

Rick Segal is one of my favorite VC bloggers. A classic post here on the COOLEST business plan ever .

I never thought I could consider switching back to AT&T, but I hate Verizon so much these days that I am close. Serenity Now: