Lindsay Nailed for Shoplifting on Wallstrip…Check out Checkpoint Systems (CKP)

I think the team took today’s show too far…I am unsubscribing.

Before I do, let’s look at Checkpoint (CKP). First off, it does nothing for me until it breaks $30. I have long been fascinated with this space on the promise of new technologies to catch shoplifters. Such a huge cost to retailers and so much reward for those that finally get it right. We are not there.

If we get there, Checkpoint should be the one’s bringing it. Watching the leader like Checkpoint may also give you insight to the health of the retailers and their optimism for spending.

Enjoy the show and keep building lists of leaders. The market will get better again.

Disclosure – No positions

PS – Brian has a look at the technicals


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  2. jeremy says:

    there are a bunch of startups around here that are focusing on the pos shoplifting (where most of it happens). apparently its mostly employees not scanning items.

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