Lindzanity – Episode 4 – Gary Benitt Living In the Future

For my fourth episode I sat down with my Social Leverage partner Gary Benitt to talk about his career as a great founder and operator in the customer support enterprise software space (co-founder of Assistly and lead investor in Kustomer) and his unique style of living in the future. When Assistly was acquired by Salesforce, Gary spent four years building out for them as well.

Gary is always smiling (he lives in Del Mar California which is part of the reason). He has a great attitude. Founders love him. He listens so well…as you will see from this podcast.

I peppered Gary with questions and as usual interrupted him to try and fluster him.

We talk Tesla, Beyond Meat, being Vegan, Soylent and the way he goes about the daily life of being a Venture investor.

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