Lindzanity – Internet Community Building Legend Phil Pearlman

There are just a few people that have spent a lot of time with me when Wallstrip, Social Leverage and Stocktwits were created and the social finance revolution got underway.

Phil Pearlman was/is one of them. Phil is a doctor of and a master at investing and behavioral psychology although he will tend to blame most of anyone’s problems on their mothers.

I’ve had so much fun discussing life and the markets over the years with Phil.

Today, Phil sits dow with me on my podcast to talk about the roots of social finance and trading, the 1999 and 2008 crisis/crashes/bubbles and the art of community building. Phil set the rules back in 2008 and he and I began welcoming (and tossing) people from the Stocktwits community.

Today we talk about the origins of social finance and trading as well as the start of Stocktwits and how he is back to help build another financial social network around the new Stocktwits Trade App.

Here is this weeks episode to watch and or listen.

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