Lindzanity Podcast – Robin Healthcare Says Doctors Need Smart Assistants Too

At the end of 2017, my partner Gary led a seed round in Robin Healthcare. The goal of Robin is to help doctors get back to patient care.

A few weeks back they announced their large series A.

I sat down with Noah Auerhahn the co-founder to chat about the Company, the vision, the product and the growth as well as the healthcare industry in general.

You can watch it on Youtube here, or go to Spotify or the Apple podcast app and search for my name and subscribe.

Here is an audio version and the show notes are below.

– What kind of doctor did Robin start with?

– What is Robin Heathcare?

– Who is Noah Auerhahn?

– How did Noah gain knowledge on healthcare?

– How does Robin work?

– What is the best way to attack the industry?

– How much work can you delegate to Robin?

– What was the verbal feedback from doctors?

– Is it more affordable than having a scribe?

– Are doctors seeing more patients with the use of Robin?

– How many people are employed with RobinHealthcare?

– Where did the name ‘Robin’ come from?

– Where are they hiring?