Lindzon 2007 Stock Longshots


What the hell…

Yahoo – it is so hated by me that I should just fade me and buy it. I may. If they could just integrate their social content with search in a proper and meaningful way…

Nuance (NUAN) – it’s been pretty good to me, but I still think (hope?) it’s best days lay ahead. I want voice recognition.

JetBlue – I hate airline stocks and won’t buy this one because in this industry, it pays to bankrupt yourself, but I am rooting for them.

Sirius headed to zero- It is a crime that this company marks time obliterating shareholder value. They SHOULD merge with XMSR and than liquidate and give shareholders back their pennies now.

Goldman Sachs – SHORT – I won’t or don’t recommend shorting this stock but they are the most leveraged to the “GLOBE” and the most “Organized” crime on the planet so maybe they have a hiccup here in 2007.

Disclosure – Long NUAN


  1. Piranha says:

    ICON, NMX, JSDA, COGO, KNOT, MPW, FCFS, SLW, CTCM, ISE are a few I am watching in early 2007. Currently do not own shares in any of these stocks – 12.29.06

  2. Todd Allen says:

    Hmmm…. I’m not sure if this is good or bad but you mentioned 3 stocks that I hold (YHOO, NUAN, and XMSR). Guess I’m a betting man!

  3. Broker A says:

    NUAN is a scary one. I am always afraid MSFT will oneday Netscape them.

    Here are my long shots:

    CORS, HANS and of course MVIS.

    Sure fire bet is BWLD.

  4. Howard Lindzon says:

    FLY – scary means opportunity. The dictaphone purchase changes things for nuance.

    I would be short hans if not for you so I thank you for that. Hope that hits all time highs

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