Lindzon and Loic and

The guys at Seesmic are so talented. I have no idea what the dude on the left was saying. He is hysterical though and is running the content creation for Loic at

Lot’s of good energy in the office and they created this video for me and Wallstrip:

Check out Loic’s bio at Wikipedia .


  1. Vinvin says:

    I’m sorry to say that the word “courchon” does not exist AT ALL. The closest word is “croissant” that you eat, or “cochon” (pork). The porks are in the street? Where? Tell Me.

  2. DaveN says:

    HL says:
    “My strategy is to buy strength. Stocks that are in motion, tend to stay in motion…
    “The average small investor is generally inundated with noise….
    People’s natural inclination is to say; it’s gone up so much I don’t want to buy it. But generally,that’s the opposite.”

    Hey! Good Stuff! I appreciate what you’re saying, and I agree. Especially about the noise. Can you help improve the s/n ratio by recommending some good materials to read/watch/consume? I’m interested in getting more educated in this area, and there really is too much to filter. Drinking from the firehose again. Blog articles, websites, elearning, live classes, books, magazines… What is good educational material? TKS!
    Dave N

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