LindzonPalooza Decides to Open to The Public?

People I trust and love are calling me mean, negative and even pompous of late.

Screw them!

Just kidding.

I am cranky, and negative (focused) and I guess pompous lately talking about Stocktwits and my book and I have been mean. If it was just some anonymous haters, I would brush it off. It’s not though, so I have been rereading some posts and rethinking about my behavior and there is much truth to what I am hearing. So enough with the grumpiness. I truly don’t have much to be angry about and rather than dwell on the putz’s stealing our money, maybe we can do something with serious positive energy.

Like open LindzonPALOOOOZA to the public for an April 3rd weekend in Phoenix?

Golf, Stocks, Sun, Sun’s, booze and maybe even a web deal or two.

So many financial conferences have been cancelled. So many sad faces on Wall Street. So many cool people on Stocktwits with a thirst for technology, the web, community AND stocks.

I was planning on cancelling LindzonPalooza this year for global poverty reasons, but like Jim Belushi in Animal House, I have a responsibility to the future financial world of thieves, ponziers, and backdaters…so LindzonPalooza LIVES!

‘Was it over when Paulson permanently destroyed Investment Banking ‘?

Was it over when Bernanke stole your inheritance?’

‘Was it over when Bernie Madoff stole your Bar Mitzvah money?’

I do need a theme for LindzonPalooza as I look shitty in a Toga!

I am thinking ‘Dow 999 in 2009!’

I need serious indications of interest and if we get it, I will make it happen.

I imagine UpsideTrader, Brian from Alphatrends, Soren, Dr Phil, Altucher and a bunch of other great ones will make the trek for you to talk stocks and lead some conversations. I am sure I will be able to get some kick ass rates in Phoeniz if it still exists in April. We will have TARP jerseys made for the Sun’s game and harass bankers and real estate agents mercilessly.

Pay your own way and don’t take photo’s of me with the bong and we will get along just fine.