LindzonPalooza Is On!

LindzonPalooza is off to a smooth start. No casualties yet. It’s really a get together for clients, friends and the launch of our new Knightsbridge Fund and a place for the management of our portfolio companies to meet each other. Andy Swan has decided it’s LindzonPalooza and he’s 6’10 so you just go with it.

Tomorrow, many of our portfolio companies are doing a short presentation.

The Suns suck so bad that I should just give our box away Saturday night and take everyone to the ballet, but there will be booze at the Suns game.

Elsewhere, it’s not shocking that I am destroying my bracket in Rajun’s stock tournament . Devon Energy which I am long is ‘En Fuego’ as my pick. They have built a real fun community of nutjobs over there.

If you have not figured it out, I changed my comment system to Disqus and freaking love it . I am biased but it’s a no brainer that our community of stock bloggers should install this system so that the great contributors to the comments that don’t feel like blogging can build a reputation off the Disqus platform.
At the very least, if you comment on THIS blog, take the time to create a profile (5 seconds) and put up a picture. You will get recognized. Disqus is a long overdue feature and solution to comment community and reputation.