Lindzon's Top 10 Investment Themes for 2007…

I made predictions last year. Some REALLY good ones. I should be much wealthier based on these predictions, but alas, I am a wimp.

This year, just the themes I will be watching.

1. Commodities – For 2007 my focus will be more on water.

2. Mergers – a continuation of this trend. Bigger and Bolder and more egotistical than ever!

3. More IPO’s – I think entrepreneurs will show more balls this year and stop building to sell and start building to BE SOMEBODY! Update – Here is a recap of 2005 and 2006 IPO numbers.

4. Handheld Wars – NOT Music – Apple won that!

5. Internet – I will defer to Fred Wilson’s posts on 2007 themes. You should too.

6. Healthcare – This area of the stock market is sure to have some major winners. Sleep, Biotech, Infectious Disease. It would be great to see some major breakthroughs in 2007.

7. Inflation or Deflation – While that ridiculous debate continues that no one wins, I will focus on how can I make money off the areas of inflation and the areas of deflation in the global systems.

8. The Tapped Consumer – I am tapped. The average consumer is way past tapped. I am not shorting stocks, but I am tempted in stocks that are a play on the tapped consumer.

9. Porn – No explanation needed :) .

10. Broadband Internet Video. Yes – Fred is the internet guru in my eyes, but I feel I have some expertise here and there is likely to be some major busts and new winners in this space in 2007 and beyond.


  1. Nick Fenton says:

    I too am placing my primary commodity focus on water. PHO is my fav, but I also like VE, ABB, and WTR. How do you intend to play water?

    I think Gold has legs in 2007 as well…I’ll be holding GLD.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    woeking up more detailed posts on each heme. PHO for now but am researching.

    GLD is still one of my holds as well. I am not exepecting anything big this year from Gold. Maybe 2008

  3. Shane says:

    You guys stole my thunder. Was working on a story about water. Not quite as big a deal as the extremist make it out to be but will be traded up in 2007. Another to watch is corn. Here in the midwest biodiesel plants are going up quickly and they consume huge amounts of corn. I’ve been long corn all year and think we’ll see $4-$5 corn in 2007.

  4. Shane says:

    Oh, I forgot. Porn will be hot, like 2006, and 2005, and 2004, and 2003…you get the idea. I personally have never seen one but I do track popular culture

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  8. Steven says:

    In my neverending quest to earn a link on the blogroll I present to you my third suggestion for a stock setting an all time high within a larger trend:


    You will have to excuse me, I have to go now and re-read the Blackstar paper again. lol

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