Live From Florida…sponsored by DEPENDS

I have many friends in Florida so no offense, but what’s the big hubbbubb.

Big yawn.

The beach is so so and it’s a very angry state with all the old people.

I am basing this of course on tremendous due diligence from a row of empty condos filled with people from Toronto and New York visiting their older parents. My kids love it, but give them a pool with their cousins and they would like Buffalo (they did actually).

The real estate market here is a joke. It won’t be fixed anytime soon. There are only so many condos that South Americans can buy. The real condo problem is that they built gigantaur complexes north of Miami and it’s like Vegas. They were built with flipping in mind. No long-term thought so the skyline is an eye sore and the resale market is worthless.

I see Trump buildings everywhere which just makes me cry. How did we let that asshat make a comeback. We should be as ashamed of this as just about anything in our country’s history.

If I don’t catch fish tomorrow or catch a winner at the track with Max, I will short this State! Is there a Florida ETF?

Update – Just found an Apple store…I love Florida :) .

Disclosure- Long Apple

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