Living At Work

I am taking the day off to drive to Los Angeles and golf with friends at Riviera Country Club.

Because I love what I do and where we live, almost every day feels like a day off.

That does not mean I don’t have bad days, bad weeks, and even bad years.

I loved this tweet from Heather which went viral the last few days:

Before the Blackberry I rarely worked from home.

I became addicted to the Blackberry and the work from home era began for me. I

Along came the iPhone and the beginning of work from everywhere and work all the time.

IN a COVID world the term ‘work from home’ has tipped.

What we have though as Heather pointed out in her tweet is ‘living at work’.

Because Ellen, Max, Rachel and I now live at work, our homes will change.

The key is to allow us to live from home as well.