Living The Dream…This Week Amsterdam and The Network Is The Thing.

People are telling me I am living the dream.

Lately it does feel that way.

If I can inspire people sharing my stories both good and bad while ‘living this dream’ …color me happy.

I tell people that to live these ‘dreams’ you have to experience the ‘nightmares’.

Nightmares are relative based on what base you were born on. I imagine I was born on third base and have faced a pitcher with a ‘tell’.

I try not to think about all this too much but it has been coming up in conversations and in the streams.

I caught a magical week to be in Amsterdam. The weather is perfect and the streets are quiet.

The fintech ‘money’ show is in town so I have got to see a bunch of friends in the industry, meet a lot of fresh faces and see LP’s and portfolio founders.

We have one investment here in Amsterdam called Secfi (growing fast) and it was great to have some face to face strategy time.

I’ve taken advantage of the great weather with runs through the parks and museum neighborhood and some bike rides through the city.

Riding a city bike in Amsterdam requires more concentration than coming down the Alps at 40 miles per hour. I joked on Twitter that my bike was stolen, but I was just drinking a coffee and watching my bike and seeing what kind of responses I would get. The range of responses in my stream were really incredible.

Last night we had dinner at Brasserie Lolita which was really good. It was a fintech dinner organized by my pal Alex Tarhini. One of the great joys of my job is helping young people network and get going in a career of investing. I met Alex years ago on the Stocktwits streams. He was living in Houston trading stocks and wanted to break into venture. I introduced him to the Techstars New York team and off he went working on the fintech classes in the most entry level way you could get started. Today he is a venture partner at Point 72 living in London. He has his first Unicorn under his belt and I could not be happier.

Go Alex…

By changing my Twitter handle to Amsterdam Lindzon, my inbox is flowing with invites and incredible meeting opportunities that I have been able to take. The network is the thing!

PS – I treated myself to a stay at The Conservatorium hotel which is just spectacular.