"Living with genital herpes can be a nightmare"

You think!!!!!!!!

I am putting together a video blog that runs 10 of these in a row. If you loop them and listen, you can’t help but throw up.

Listen, I can cure General Herpes better than the medicine they are pitching on TV. You probably wont even spend the next 24 hours on the toilet with cramps, blurry vision, your toenails falling off and your teeth turning a light shade of green. These commercials are a comic’s dream.

They are so insulting. Maybe its not the legislation holding back drug companies, its these nasty commercials with a one second description of the product and a 10 minute listing of how your butt will feel.

I heard a comedian ponder the commercials that Budweiser would have to air if held to the same legislation.

Budweiser side effects include: vomiting, a year in prison with your new bride Vic, you may sleep with your best friend’s wife……..

So many putzes, so little time to hassle them.


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