LMI Aerospace (LMIA) on Wallstrip

Years of basic survival, blocking and tackling paid off for LMI Aerospace (LMIA) in late 2004.

The stock has since been a 30 bagger. It would not have been a Wallstrip worthy stock until late 2005 after a 1,000 percent gain. If we had covered it in 2005 at the all-time high breakout, the typical comment would have been…thanks, why not cover this one before the run. Yet, since that breakout, the stock is still up well over 100 percent. I guess you will say the same thing tomorrow.

Lindsay gives us a detailed look at what makes the Company go on today’s show. Here is their Google Finance start page .

I have no aersopace exposure at the moment. I have owned LMT in the past. I have no excuse, just personal comfort. I hate the fact that the government can make or break you. That said, LMIA looks pretty diversified . Brian takes a deeper look at the technical picture here (volume is light despite the great price action):

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