Logitech on Wallstrip

A classic Wallstrip on Logitech (LOGI) today. They are making it look like fun, but trust me – they are busting their asses.

I liked the laptop accessory growth angle that was highlighted and I believe this trend has legs if you combine the laptop possibilities with their Universal remotes. I am going to initiate a small LONG position tomorrow.

In hindsight, the perfect all-time entry came back in 1999. This is a company that basically marked time after the bubble and quickly reached all-time highs in 2002 and 2004. Late 2004 looks like the best entry of the last few years, but the uptrend remains intact.

I own one of their Universal remotes after hearing such great things, but have not connected it. What a lazy putz – yes I know.

Maybe if I had done that, I would not have missed this great run.

My friend Bijan (an early pioneer in Web TV) says it is easy.

You may have many reasons not to buy the stock, but if you have TV’s and a laptop, you have no reason not to own a Logitech accessory :) .

In the “what do you think department?”, a friendly reader sent me a Wallstrip Comic. Thanks to Brian at AlphaTrends for the intro.

wallstrip comic.jpg

This comic was submitted by Stan Yan for today’s Logitech show. Lindsay is prettier in person, so that would need to change and I look like Letterman. I can live with that.


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