Long Apple Short Dell…Just Short Dell and Other Portfolio Changes

I wish more of you would just follow me on Twitter because I am getting closer to only posting on stocks and portfolio changes over there. It takes a second and you just have to follow a few people and eavesdrop. Once again, I recommend Dr. Brett , Pearlman, Andy Swan, Soren and any of the other regular commenters here.

For those that continue to ask, here are some of my latest changes which I have been Twittering. Note – I remain very stock light.

I have been long Apple for a while until today. I twittered my last sale today just before the fed announcement. I hope it goes higher and will revisit at an all-time high quite happily. It has been a great run inside it’s broken trend.

I am leaving on my Dell short on and considering a bigger position. In the end the stock should fall into single digits. There is nothing they have to get excited about and despite a 1,000 point rally in a bear market, the stock languishes at it’s lows. Seems like a great risk/reward short sale for the time being.

I have been posting my other portfolio moves on Twitter, but to recap some of the bigger moves…

I sold some Visa and will sell some more at $100, but there is no real reason to sell here other than profit taking and my risk profile.

I added a new position with Apple and Visa profits EURX.

I added some GLD today and a few days ago some PAAS and SLW (Twittered it) all of which I sold a lot 30 plus percent higher (check the archives ). The metals are prone to the vicious selloffs and maybe this one is the beginning of the end, but I like the risk reward and the Fed is still cutting (they should stop, but bubbles must be built).

I remain long Amazon but not very confident and still believe the best Technology stock is Salesforce.com and it hit all time highs again today. To the clouds Alice…

I think good traders are killing it on both sides these days. Lot’s of setups on both sides of the table. I have been too stubborn with my China short (FXP) and that has been a loser. I am almost at my stopout $62.

My best trade has been Smith and Wesson (SWHC) which I was a partial seller today (Twitter).

Best to stay light and continue to be nimble. I am truly excited about nothing in the markets these days.

Disclosure- Long AMZN, CRM, EURX, GLD, SWHC, PAAS, SLW, FXP and short Dell