Looking Back at The Year in Technology and Venture Capital

Like Fred Wilson, I like to use this time of the year to review my work.

This stuff is fun for me but it is also a great mental exercise to go through. It forces me to reflect, think, and focus on what is/was most important.

There is so much that blogging does for my brain. I am not sure how I would do my work without it. The daily routine of writing something for public consumption is a discipline that brings clarity in a confusing time. The bigger posts that come every now and then, and the year end ones, are particularly valuable to write.

I caught a lot of good trends this year in Bitcoin, Ethereum, financial stocks and large cap technology. It was hard not to with this strong tape. But I also missed big opportunities and made my share of investing mistakes.

For example:

Every time I sold any Bitcoin and Ethereum I should have bought it.

I did not invest enough time, energy and money in tokens and ICO’s. The returns were astronomical for those that did the work and followed the right crowd.

I ditched my $LULU way too early and held my UnderArmor too long.

Although I have no position in Best Buy, I thought it would disappear into retail hell and went on record on the streams a few times to say so. Best Buy is closing the year at all-time highs. Best Buy will not be typed with these fingers in 2018. I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with the…

As for the rest of technology and Venture Capital, my friend Semil has a fantastic post which you can read here. This riff was great:

We are in the middle of a fast-paced global, unregulated, hard-to-trace, multiparty crowdfunding game driven by both optimistic speculation and ebullient house money booked during an unprecedented bull market run. At some point, the music will stop — lawsuits could arise in situations like Tezos, which raised an ungodly sum of money through a crowdsale and is now mired in controversy over how those funds are being managed, and regulatory bodies like the SEC and others could step-up activities to protect retail consumers and also better track ledgers for tax collections on gains. Overall, even when the music stops for a bit, there’s no denying that the effect of crypto as a new architecture for designing, building, and incentivizing online behaviors is a major breakthrough and one that will change how many tech startups are built and financed in the future

It is time to get ready for 2018 and I have some more ideas to share starting tomorrow.

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