Loral (LORL), Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR) and Crocs (CROX)…DON'T BE A HOG

Four Wallstrip stocks that have soared include Research in Motion,(RIMM), Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR), Crocs (CROX) and Loral (LORL).

I have already said that I had booked a long term RIMM trade at $130 and I sold my last piece of CROX in the high 40’s.

I do not own Loral and should have bought the day of our show. It was a great all-time high set up. So was Green Mountain Coffee (I don’t own). If I owned both I would be selling 1/3 to 1/2 my position and my stops would be higher now as well.

I will try and give more updates. In the meantime, there is a widget on the Wallstrip page that keeps track of the stock prices from the day the show aired.