Lotame.com Raises $13 Million…Congrats Andy

My buddy Andy Monfried is the best salesman I know. Period.

When I started Wallstrip , he just called me up and asked to be included in the angel round. Never had met him. He read my blog and just thought we were onto something.

Andy is ALWAYS positive, but that does not mean he will just sing your praises. That’s why we wanted him on our board and he helped with Wallstrip strategy from day one. It does not hurt that he was instrumental in the success of Advertising.com (Time Warner).

When Andy asked me to be an advisor at Lotame I said sure…’what do you need to me to do?’ . He said just sit back :) .

Ok. I am sitting and he is running around getting it done. Today, Lotame raised $13 million on top of $11 million and I love their strategy off the beaten path of mainstream social networking.

Look out! You are the man Andy. Call me if you need anything… I am at Pebble :) .