Lows are for Shmos

This made me laugh and worry for our future:

I try and avoid spending time with shmos.

Urban Dictionary defines a shmo as:

A dumb person, a person that has ignorance and no reality of life. A shmo thinks life revolves around them.

I have many shmo scars.

With stocks I like to say ‘lows are for shmos’.

On Friday, the percentage of stocks at new yearly lows was the highest since February.

For the most part the shmos of 2017 – energy and retail – are where they are for a reason.

The biggest shmo of them all is taking credit for the rally in stocks since January. I doubt he will be talking about the markets if the new lows persist.

PS – In 2009, most stocks were at lows. If you liked stocks you were considered a shmo, so all shmo bets were off.

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