Lucky for us the Market is Efficient (wink!)

Random walk…bunk. Efficient markets…bunk squared…

Chaos…YES…with a dash of occasional Rationality

So Alibaba debuted in the casino of a market they call China. The particluars of this financial screw job are here on Bloomberg (not that it is not an important internet business). Alibaba is the perfect example of why you can own the best FINANCIAL BRANDS, especially on weakness. The credit crunch is just a small setback to these sales machines. These suits make so much money in times like this. They always have product they can package and sell. It’s called scarcity wrapped with great hype.

I love the way people piled into Yahoo as ‘THE’ cheap play on Alibaba. The stock has dropped more than 10 percent in the last week. Same shit, different names and day. Down 10 percent, now may be the time to play it if you believe Alibab holds it’s market cap. That game is not for me.

Hopefully, IPO’s can make a resurgence to open up the market for smaller businesses to tap the public markets. Than you won’t have to pay up as much for young, hot businesses. I think we are headed this way. The investment banks are in a deep hole and they need a new cash cow.

Or, this is just another disgusting warning for impending doom.

Tim will tell.


  1. Phil says:

    yhoo had a great move from low 20’s to low 30’s on earnings and ali baba trade… we played it and worked great… this past week into today was classic sell the news so if u were just buying yesterday or this morning on the ipo then u kinda deserved the get kicked in the ding sing….

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