Lullabies, Lollipops and Liquidations…The Circle of Life

My son is at a fantastic age. He is growing up but he has the heart of a boy, just like his dad. He and I will drink ICEE’s and eat Sours to our graves.

On our way home from Chipotle’s today he was chattering away in the back, DJ ing for me in the car using his iPhone, wearing his new Dr Dre headphones (that’s another post):

‘I can’t wait to go home, take a 30 minute bath, crank some MUSE and Mumford & Sons, hop into bed, watch American idol and finish this lollipop.

Oh man, what a life. I am happy that he can embrace the moment and enjoy the luxury of his life and appreciate it.

Eventually, life becomes less about lollipops and more about worrying, stress and anger management. My pal James has a classic post about anger .

I took control of my anger when I stopped trading for a living (non living). I got less angry when I realized I should use my brain to get in front of trends and ride them, not run over by them.

The stock market let’s you test your control every moment of every day if you like. You can watch companies explode and implode in real time. It is a drug that has it all.

Today, I don’t get angry about stock prices, just the people that drive them into the ground. I get mad at people that make lazy decisions, people that refuse to look at the data and waste our money.

Your competition is Mike Edwards, CEO of Border’s (so good read it) and the people that can’t get in front of and ride this tidal wave outlined by Andy Kessler.

Anyone reading this has the tools to find thoughtful people who have a track record of being correct, people that look at the data and know how to read it. You may NEVER catch or ride a company like Amazon, but you should NEVER catch a death spiral like Border’s. In 2011, there is no way for an adult to hold onto lullabies and lollipops (unless you are in politics), but there is every way to avoid the nonsense of liquidation.


  1. Anonymous says:

    love it Howard, not sure where my 5 yr old’s interests will lead but fun that we can now watch a ballgame together…great insights from you & Kessler here

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  5. Harry DeMott says:

    very funny mike edwards e-mail and sadly all too true.

    the kessler piece was great as well.

    So what are you Howard – a slopper?

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