$LULU is now one of Oprah’s new fangled thingies.

Not to be mean, but if LULU can make Oprah’s behind look special…my tagline the ‘Facebook of Ladie’s Behind’s’ is almost at hand.

Most will argue that LULU is too expensive, they have a $2.5 billion market cap, the stock has run from $4 to $50 and so it is too late. It probably is all three.

That does not mean it won’t go to $150 in 5 years before going to $25.

I remember $CROX breaking out in 2006 and covering it on Wallstrip. it was expensive. It tripled.

The axe on $LULU is the wife of Stocktwits pal @harmongreg who was letting you know to buy the pants back in March 2009. Only a ten bagger.

This is not a trend that Wall Street needs to find or monitor for you. American women are living and writing about it.

Disclosure – I own a little for me and my kids


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  3. raznick says:

    If my wife buys me another LULU outfit, I may have to move elsewhere. I feel like I have a whole LULU closet now.

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