Mahalo – A Little Respect

In the end, I respect the tenaciousness and the ability to bounce back. You just have to.

This ‘seems’ like a pretty fair account of the business life and times of Jason Calacanis . It was a great read.

If I met him, I can’t imagine liking him or wanting to be around him, but he could care less and therefore, it’s not really important. What is important is he is getting shit done in a crazy ambitious way. The boys playing the game with him are all big boys and can take a loss. I think they will, but time will tell.

Google is not sweating, nor from the look of the offices are the employees.

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  1. jeremy says:

    the guides may sift out the spam and put great links in– but unfortunately they don’t know what i am looking for. theyll satisfy my general searches, but unfortunately i usually only want to find specific things.

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