‘Make Angel Investing Great Again’ – The Art of The Pander and Market Research on Twitter

I marvel at the way Donald Trump and his crew have made anger so catchy.

‘Make America Great Again’ is a classic.

Comedians and consultants will be using this in case studies and as fodder for a very long time.

Twitter is the best place to test out ideas.

I liken it to walking into a dark, full movie theatre and yelling something out and than walking out to look back in and see the reaction.

I have been trying out a few bylines for some ideas I am working on around financial video content and I thought I would share them here with the results.

The most popular one so far is:

Most interesting is not ‘how many’ retweets but ‘by who’ which ended up being a who’s who of VC’s and Angel Investors.

This tagline works most likely because its positive, sarcastic and related to current events around Trump. It also panders to the the largest group of outspoken people that follow me.

It’s easy to be liked if you say what your following wants to hear….it can also be a trap.

Something I personally thought was funnier was my reaction to this message:

I added ‘ Make The Dow 800 Again’ which I felt would get a good response but fell mostly dead.


Maybe it is that only a lunatic in my business would want ‘Dow 800 Again’. There is a group of people that think we deserve a 90 percent crash or that the markets would ‘make sense’ if we were at Dow 800.

Just sharing things on Twitter and Stocktwits that pop into my head really help guide me on what resonates. As I work through this latest creative process around video content and strategy I got some tremendous feedback and direction.

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