Make Soup Great Again… And The Stay In Your Basement Economy

Gun sales are exploding.

Gun stocks (Smith And Wesson and Ruger) are at/near all-time highs:

Kids (under 18) have assault rifles and are walking and killing on our streets.

The big danger….soup!

According to our pig of a President, we need to be careful because big bags of soup and cans thrown with force.

Also – Orange Julius has no opinion on police body cameras which of course make all the sense in the world for everyone’s safety.

Not to worry everyone…Zoom was up 40 percent today and Peloton up another 10 percent. Buy a gun, trade stocks from home, talk to your friends on Zoom, get your supplies on Amazon delivered, and stay in shape on your Peloton.

I’m excited about America….’Get rich in your basement, but stay in your basement’.

Investing and America is rather stupid right now.

Disclosure – I own Taser ($AAXN) which also is a leading maker of police body cameras, Peloton, Robinhood, Zoom and Amazon.