Make the US Dollar Weak Again and Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

I was in San Francisco for the day so no time for a Momentum Monday video with Ivanhoff. 

Not much has changed in world of Momentum this week. 

The US Dollar continues to evaporate in 2017…now down 9 percent.  Make America great again rhetoric actually made the US dollar weak again which has actually made American manufacturing and exports relatively inexpensive again which is good for sales.  

This chart sums up my continued enthusiasm at the moment:

It’s not that stocks have to keep going up, but as Tom says … this is not how bull markets end. 

It’s not all about technology in this boom.  

I have this old  jingle and tagline in my head today from Alka Seltzer. 

When I hear ‘fizz’ in 2017 I think of Lacroix, the flavored seltzer drink of avocado eating hipsters.  The public ticker symbol of National Beverage Corp. the owner of Lacroix, is $FIZZ.

Here is a chart:

I follow leading stocks and have watched this run without me. 

$FIZZ has a ton of social buzz. 

It reminds me of the social buzz around Crocs ($CROX) back in the day. I was a Crocs believer and shareholder but as the stock doubled and tripled I thought management should have used the high priced stock to buy other companies and not become a one hit wonder. I’m glad I sold. 

I don’t see the moat for a soda. Bloomberg has a good summary of the bear case. 

My gut says plop plop for fizz. 

Stay tuned.