Making Stocktoberfest The Best Investing Event on The Planet

I like the way my pal James Altucher writes headlines, so it was worth giving it a try here.

With Stocktoberfest coming up this week, one of James posts caught my attention which I have sent to all the speakers… ‘How To Be The Best Public Speaker on the Planet.’

I really care about making Stocktoberfest fantastic. Obviously the location is important and Coronado will not let anyone down.

I want people to be able to invest for Profit and for Joy. That means they need to learn quickly and most importantly – believe they can do it. People need to believe they can do it as a career and as a supplement to their career.

This year Stocktoberfest will have speakers like Bill Gurtin who has dominated the world of Fixed Income and Tax Free Municipal Bond Investing in California. He has no special tricks, just a great team and an amazing understanding of municipalities in California and the world of investing.

Andy Kessler wrote one of my favorite books on ‘Momentum and Trend Investing’ and most importantly ‘Got Off’ at the exact right momemt. Now he’s an awesome author. Go watch the debate with Peter Thiel on his website.

Chris Kimble and Greg Harmon are two of the most passionate and giving traders I know on the Stocktwits streams and they will share insights on how they attack the markets every day.

Some amazing financial web entrepreneurs will tell their stories and demonstrate their products that remove friction from the old ways of doing business and make it easier for everyone get investing.

And of course, there will be experienced executives from the financial industry to mingle and network with to help accelerate our entrepreneurial dreams.

Overriding the event will be the theme of ‘How to Profit’ in the years ahead. What trends are in motion, what should we expect in the year’s ahead and how to manage risk.

Leaving our event you will have expanded your investing and trading knowledge and toolbox, juiced your rolodex and increased your ability to ‘draft’ behind some of the best investors and traders I know.

I look forward to seeing over 300 people at this year’s event.


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