Manic Monday Thoughts

Italy wins and I am happy as are 600,000 Italians honking around the city of Toronto. But, what the hell is wrong with this league. Every game is GLARINGLY decided by refs and bad FIFA rules.

Thank goodness for CNBC and their in-depth coverage of why Italy’ win will help the global economy. Woops, now wasting time talking about Ken Lay’s health and what common shareholders should be allowed to know. Let’s start with real financials before cholesterol checks!

Candice chimes in on my post about Getty Images being hurt by Web 2.0 photo and video sharing companies:

“Agreed. This past week one of my Mardi Gras pictures ended up in the Seattle Times, via flickr. The people putting together the article offered me a stock photo fee, “we’ll pay you what we usually pay getty images.”My response? You’d like to pay me for one of the pictures the alcohol was kind enough to give me? Sure!

Don’t get lulled to sleep by the market’s current bounce. Earnings could be awful and a big dip is possible.

Updated my blogroll a little bit, dropping a few names that were not posting and adding a favorite YouTube.

Finally – Rocketboom quickly hires an English hottie to replace Amanda Congdon. Well done Andrew! Amanda’s clock ticks away.


  1. Adam Elend says:

    One thought to add on your Getty thread:

    My wife is a graphic designer and flickr has been enormously helpful for her – she gets to skip the walled garden sites like and Getty (which is usually prohibitably expensive for smaller clients) and their burdensome annual fees.

    More interesting, though, it allows her to offer a more valuable service to her clients. With the exception of Getty, all those stock photo sites have very similar, lame photos. Now she can offer them interesting and unique photos from people all over the planet – she can create a photo sharing community with her clients, it’s really empowered her to provide better service.

  2. candice says:

    I’d note that I don’t know exactly what I’ll get for that yet, I don’t much care, to be honest, but it’s still neat.

    (And thanks for the link.)

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