Manscaped …Grooming Balls Since 2017 and Zooming Towards A Public Market Debut

I’m very excited to read/see/hear that Manscaped will be going public via a SPAC. Bloomberg has the details.

You can watch CEO Paul Trans live on CNBC this morning at 12:15 pm EST.

Paul is an in incredible founder, product person, entrepreneur and marketer. He started the business in San Diego and we are really proud seed investors in our Social Leverage fund 3.

At our last Social Leverage LP event well before COVID, I remember Paul getting on stage to talk about the business and our LP’s were not sure if we were kidding about the investment thinking Paul was helping me look for laughs. He then shared the slide about his sales and growth and it was the first time our LP’s applauded for one of our founders.

Flash forward and today Manscaped is the perfect and best ‘below the belt’ package offering for any male in your family (great offer in link)…

Last year I had Paul on my ‘Panic’ podcast to talk about the company and the growth strategies. So far, mission accomplished. I am excited to see what Paul has in store next as a public company CEO.