March 9, 2009 ….Be Grateful and The Birth of National BTFD Day.

This made me laugh this morning as unike the Nasdaq, Bitcoin is down 50 plus percent off it’s highs.


The Nasdaq closed at all time highs on Friday. That is NOT bearish.

Here is a long-term chart

Here is a shorter term chart that shows the recent correction and quick recovery again this week to highs:

Nine years ago Friday the S&P bottomed after crashing 57 percent from its top in 2007 and the beginning of the financial crisis.

On March 9, 2009 I was with the family on a vacation in Atlantis and I was buying stocks that morning. I am happy to say I still own a lot of that Amazon.

I think journalling has helped me be a better investor and while I continue to make mistakes and share them here, this blog has helped me stick with this boom. It’s never been easier to journal and it’s not important that anyone reads it. If you want to be a better investor or trader give it a try.

PS – To memorialize March 9, 2009, Stocktwits has made it a #NationalBTFDDay and is offering 20 percent off our gear with the code BTFD.

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