Mark Zuckerberg Throws Technology Under The Bus

Mark Zuckerberg was pretty chatty last night on CNN.

He blamed the Russians of course, but did not stoop to blaming Well Fargo or Ben Carson’s wife.

My big takeaway is that he could care less about being regulated. They were caught and they had likely simulated all this out.

Relatively, regulation is no big deal to Zuckerberg. It will keep big competition at bay and raise the cost of startups wishing to compete.

Like the bank executives and Bernie Madoff did to small money managers (raise the cost of doing business), Zuckerberg just did to technology.

I liked this piece from James Allworth titled ‘What The F*** Was Facebook Thinking‘.

The big venture capitalists have moved on from this space into outer space anyway.

Facebook is thrilled to be another Microsoft and I wont be surprised to see Warren Buffett show up soon if the price dips much more.