Market Crash Upon Us?

Equity is disappearing kids.

Is it the beginning or the end?

I Twittered earlier today that I think a breach of Dow 11,000 is coming, but that’s a guess.

I truly have no idea. I am not reading blogs or stock news like I would have been through 2003 in radically bad markets. I am doing the following:

1. Checking thousands of prices to get a feel for the carnage and sense for dislocation, weakness and strength

2. Building lists

3. Drinking heavily and mixing it with Narcotics. I will sleep like a baby.

I like talking to really smart (mostly old) people on days like today. They are calmer. Maybe it’s the ear hair that dims the noise.

Maybe it’s because I am in Canada, but no one knows that Citibank is at $17. They do know that RIMM was down over 10 percent.

One thing is consistent amongst the old men I was gleaning information from…none knew about PornoTube so there were lot’s of happy old men checking out the web for the first time tonight.

The only safe bet based on my round of calls with old men is that the web is early.

Hope you got a laugh here because you won’t get one from this market.

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