Market may be Going Nowhere but The World Turns…FAST!

I am completely underwhelmed by the rally in stocks. The few positions I actually own and don’t trade – suck balls…save GOLD. This is a weak oversold bounce so far and we better get some legs and new leadership. I see nadaroosky in the all-time high list to get me even thinking about buying stocks for more than an afternoon.

If you don’t think that SocGen knew about their freaky rogue trader and $74 billion in losses, you think the world is flat! They knew about it at $10 billion and panicked as all institutions do. They zigged when they should have zagged no doubt.

On a less comedic note bought Guitar Hero and it did not quite cost $74 billion. Best $80 bucks we may ever spend. Talk about late to a party though :) . I think Max and Rachel are now old enough to enjoy and really wanted to have it. Me…still uninterested in video games altogether. I long for Mattel Intellivision.

I checked in on Twitter tonight to catch up on some trusted insights into what I thought was a crap State of the Union. As I suspected, we are all underwhelmed. Bush is just phoning in stuff at this point making him scarier than ever . Here is what I LOVE about Twitter. I check in once a day on the 60 or so people I follow who don’t care for blogging and I get a new and different perspective from around the globe. I keep adding a few people weekly. The main problem with Twitter is the shameless promotion and yapping that some bloggers use. If you need to post more than one or two tweets a day and are not a trader or literally on fire, you better just be testing out your voice or consider yourself unfollowed.

WordPress launched Prologue to take a shot at Twitter. Matthew Ingram chimes in on what it could mean. Smart and simple move by WordPress . Long overdue.

The video analytic space is HEATING UP . I am excited as I have an investment in what I obviously think is the leading service in the industry/space – .

Americans are not joking when they say FORECLOSE ME ! If you did not see this coming, you are long real estate :) .

Lindsay Adam, Jeff and Roman are secretly scheming to take over the blog video news world with MobLogic.TV – really funny clip up today. Looking forward to the daily version already.


  1. KCScott says:

    Welcome to the Guitar Hero Club… you don’t think you’re interested, that’s what my wife and I thought too:

    Welcome to the real dark side. And by dark side I mean staying up till 2 Am trying to nail 5 stars on Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. Pretty Soon you’ll be forking over $500 for that Kiss limited edition Peavey Riffmaster.

    Disclosure; Long ATVI

  2. candice says:

    40-something jewish white guy and guitar hero. Priceless.

    I should follow you on twitter now that you aren’t posting about bathrooms all day…

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