Market Meltdown Or Cramer Meltdown

Poor guy. He should do a movie:

“I hear dead home owners”

Hat Tip (Every Financial Web Site)

All Kramer’s eventually go crazy:

But, Jim CAREY still rocks:

Happy Sunday all.


  1. Todd says:

    I’d never watched the Kramer meltdown prior. What an INCREDIBLE jackass. As the crowd hastily left the theater Kramer just randomly leaves the stage. A good way to ruin your career … Total loser.

    As for Cramer, you could see he was working up to it. He was “trying” to stay so calm in the early going but his emotions ultimately took hold and he got it all off his chest. I thought he was going to need a tissue to wipe his eyes.

    As for Cramer’s cohorts that he’s known for 20 some years that are allegedly losing their jobs, what about all the poor schleps in the construction industry who have already lost theirs and are struggling mightily to make ends meet ?

    Who’s worse off – the white collar guy who’s been making six figures+ during the boom years or the blue collar guy who made $35K and hasn’t had a job for the last 6 months ?

  2. Matt Keegan says:

    Wow, what a meltdown! Then again, the number of people who will probably lose their homes in this market is quite large, enough to tip the markets big time.

    I’ll pass on the Kramer video but I’ll check out Jim Cary next.

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