The Market Does Not Care

The market did not care about the murder and sadness last week in Florida.

While the parents and teens were mourning, the markets were ripping higher.

This free blog went off topic last week to talk about my own feelings and I should not have been surprised that a few people chimed in with their disappointment at not getting a free idea and told me they would unsubscribe.

This week I am in Palm Beach working.

I think the markets did surprise most last week by continuing a march higher.

One stock that continues to impress is Netflix which is now just 20 percent less in market capitalization than Disney (founded in 1923). Disney really needs to launch their streaming movie and content channel yesterday.

Amazon hit $1,500 and is now expected to challenge UPS and Fedex.

An 8-80 candidate Domino’s ($DPZ) hit more all time highs as well. I picked the wrong food company for my list in Starbucks (which I have recently removed).

Enterprise stocks which I mentioned on this blog last week, had another great week.

While Snapchat may be doomed, they did team up with two of my favorite companies and holdings Nike and my Shopify to launch an e-commerce store that sold out really quickly.

Goldman Sachs is back within a few percent of all time highs but JP Morgan is already there. That crash/correction of a few weeks ago was just a rash.

JC says that Emerging Markets are leading the way here so it may be worth having a read and seeing if anything interests you.

Happy Monday and have a great week.

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